Tech: Here's some fun or useful technical stuff (that's not related to my work).

lc helps me monitor log files. Last updated 4 January 2010.

tl is a text-based load-average grapher. Last updated 31 October 2008.

2008 Oct: Ok, only sort-of work related. What happens when you daisy chain a whole bunch of hubs and switches? What happens when you close the loop and emit a packet? This.

It's fun to think about steganography. Most only think of embedding information in images; steganography is really about hiding information inside apparently-innocuous stuff. A fun example is gzsteg which embeds information within gzip-compressed data. I didn't write this, but I'm mirroring it to make sure it doesn't get lost.

I am my own Certificate Authority. Feel free to import my certificate if you wish.

smtp is an extremely lightweight, specialized smtp client. MX, sender, recipient are specified on the commandline, stdin is the payload (including SMTP headers). Why not just use mail(1)? Hell, I don't know.

fdup (SIG) is a tool I wrote to look through directory structures for duplicate files.

I have failed to block spam using regular expressions.

I have succeeded in getting EZMLM and Postfix to work with each other, somewhat. is a perl script that fills up my Diamond Rio with tunes it chooses at random from my MP3 directory. It'll read the size of every file in a directory tree, and loads them onto the device until no more files will fit on it. Requries a package that's been lost to the ages.

dos.boot.floppy.img is a DOS Boot floppy image with IDE & SCSI CDROM drivers.

In the same vein, floppy.wipe.img will write zero's to the hard drive everywhere. Careful with that axe, Eugene.

I have a FlowPoint IDSL router. I think these things were fairly well distributed, but the company got bought out and the line was discontinued. Go figure. Here are some of the docs, which I post to make sure that they don't fade into obscrurity while I at least might need them.

Here are some notes about Compaq equipment I have.

I netmask the hell out of stuff, but only when I remember how. This chart helps me remember broadcast addresses, bit lengths, & such.

More notes about my SGI R4000 and my Sun Sparc 2.

I am the primary or technical contact for a variety of domains. If you would like to have a subdomain or an email address at one, feel free to contact me.