The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 01/13/1865.
No Envelope

Camp Pawnee, Jan. 12th/65.

My Dear Wife:

Your very kind letter of the 1st inst received yesterday and I am compelled to write you a very short note today as I have to leave this afternoon to buy beef cattle and may be gone two or three days. I am very thankful to hear that you are all well. My health of late is none of the best, but my duties are light and I keep about. My weight is only 167 lbs, which is lighter than I have been for twenty years unless I was bedfast. I wrote you quite a lengthy note a few days since, and all that I can think of that would be interesting to you....

I received a letter from our son in law yesterday, dated the 26th ult., near Petersburg, Va. I was glad and very much pleased to get a letter from Jacob. I have always felt a great interest in his welfare, and more so now than formerly. He was well at the date of his letter. But I anticipate you have heard from him since I have.

No additional war news today. I think if the Federal army continue their success a short time as they have for the last 60 or 70 days, we may look for a speedy termination of the war.

I should have written to Cordelia and Adaline both before this, but I suppose they are at perfect liberty to read all of yours and I had supposed that would do nearly as well. They both have my best wishes for their future welfare -- and their husbands also. I should be pleased to receive a letter from either of the girls. I am now somewhat jealous of Ada, because Jacob wrote me first. I shall answer his this day if I can.

There is yet talk of our going to Little Rock. I hope not soon. No pay yet. I do not know what the trouble is. It is said the men whose time is out will be mustered out on or about the 20th inst, and have to go to Wis. for pay. If we do not get pay soon, I shall write to the Secretary of War to find out the cause if I can.

I am, Dear Wife, Your Husband

C. N. Mumford

Write soon, and excuse this thing, as I am in a hurry.

C. N. M.