The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 01/09/1865.
Envelope Addressed:
Mrs. C. N. Mumford, Wauzeka, Crawford Co., Wisconsin.
Post Mark: Fort Scott, Kans. Jan. 9, 1865.

(First part of the letter is missing. Undoubtedly written at the Camp at Pawnee Creek, some miles from Fort Scott, Jan. 9, or Jan. 8. The part of the letter in hand reads as follows: MJM)

I have a horse, a watch, and two double barrel shot guns... They are all worth about $100. But I have quit selling on credit, as a general thing. I owe some considerable, but have so managed as to pay all that is due. I do not boast of my reputation, but I can get all the credit for property I wish, either of citizens or soldiers. My mare, I think, is in a fair way to get entirely well. She had a bad fistula...

He tells more about the fistula and treatment. MJM)

The mare had the fistula when I bought her, but the man I bought her from dried it up with calomel. If she gets well, I think I shell sell her...

He indicates she is too high spirited for a family horse. MJM

(He is glad they had so fine a time and so fine a dinner at home on Christmas day. MJM)

I will see if I can't make out as great a variety as you: At my Christmas dinner, we had bread and beef and coffee and sugar and bread and beef and salt, and we expect to have 6 cabbage heads in a few days and I wish you could be here to see us eat them.

There is one dark side I have not mentioned, and that is, it is said we are ordered to Little Rock the last of the month. If so, I suppose we shall go by water. I do not know what I should do with my horse. I think I shall send one gun home... In a month, perhaps, I shall be able to give you some opinion in regard to the termination of the war.

I neglected to tell you that my St. Louis Republican of late comes regular... It is a most excellent newspaper, so called by all political parties. The news is reliable at all times...

The British press says Sherman is the greatest General in the world.

Well, Good Bye for this time. I am your Husband ever.

Charles N. Mumford