The Portland Mumfords - Clarissa Mumford Source A II - Letters - 06/01/1864.
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Wauzeka, Wis., June 1st, 1864.

Dear Son:

With much pleasure I received yours of the 21st ult night before last. I am happy to hear that you was well and so comfortably situated. It is reported here that the hundred day men will be put on post duty and the veterans ordered to the front.

We are all well but you cannot conceive how lonesome we are since Pa left. All the children attend school but Ada & they have to leave home so early to get there in season & it is so late when they get home at night that Ada and I have a very "peaceable" time of it. I do not know how long Edward will... go to school... The teacher, Harrison Whaley's wife, takes some pains to keep her scholars busy with their lessons..... I went to the Prairie (Prairie du Chien - MJM) last Saturday. Went to Mr. Nickerson's and spent the Sabbath with them. They were all well and appeared much pleased to see me. Mr. Nickerson and Bell and Emma & were over planting corn at the other place while Mrs. Nickerson and the two youngest boys were at home. Monday morning Mrs. Nickerson accompanied me to town where we spent the biggest part of the day shopping. I came home on the afternoon train, staid at John Chestnut's over night, came home yesterday morning. Found Morrilla Hayden and Cordelia here on a visit. Amos came yesterday also on his way home from Michigan. He does not like that country for farming purposes, but says a man can make a fortune there makeing brick in a short time, as there is a great demand for that article at an enormous price and none made in that vicinity, but plenty of material to make it of.

Our garden is beginning to look quite quite well, though it is very dry here. We have had but very little rain here this season. Our roses are not quite in bloom. When they are, I will send you some leaves. But perhaps they will not be as pretty as those you sent me, which I should think were very pretty indeed when they were fresh. But I hope you will not think the fair fiver as one little lady in Wis., although I do not anticipate any danger of your thinking that....

Bohemian John's wife received 45 Dollars in a letter from her husband yesterday. He says he don't see Manley in a long time.

Well, Manley, I must close as Frank is waiting to take it to the office. Give my love to Henry and accept the same for yourself. With many kind wishes, I subscribe myself, as ever, your loveing Mother

Clarissa M.

(This is, of course, from Clarissa Blackney Mumford to Manley Eldad Mumford. Probably reference to his letters will disclose where he was at this time. MJM)