The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 05/24/1864.
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Madison, May 24th, 1864.

Dear Wife:

I came safely here and am quite well. We calculate to leave here tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday I wrote Manley and sent him my miniature. There is no news of importance, therefore I do not send you the newspaper. In the main, our armies are doing a good work. The Rebels acknowledge a loss of between 20 and 30 thousand killed. I have got the money on my papers for board while I was at home last summer. Amount $15. I do not know that I have any thing to write that will interest you in the least. My board costs me a Dollar per day while here. I feel lonely since leaving you, but hope I may feel different when I get to my own camp. A Major Plumb had the command at Humboldt when I left. He has since been superceded by Cap. Thomson of our Co. who is now in command. Therefore I think we may stay at Humboldt this summer. Some of the Regt will go to Little Rock, Arkansas. It is thought to be the most dangerous place in the army, in consequence of there being so few troops there and so many Rebels.

My love to all, and may Heaven bless and protect you all.

From your affectionate Husband,

C. N. Mumford.