The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 08/16/1863.
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(Digest, not complete copy -- MJM)

Post Hospital, Camp Randall, Madison, Wis. August 16, 1863.

Dear Wife:

Your letter of the 1st inst came the 14th. Glad to learn you are all well. My health continues good. I received a letter from Manley yesterday that he has regained his health and will come home nextmonth if he can on furlough. I have no orders to leave the hospital yet. There have been some 30 or 40 sent out of the hospital to the barracks to await transportation ot be sent to their commands. Some of them I felt very sorry to see go as I knew they were not able to do service in the field. I do not know the reason I am not sent, as there are many sent away that are not as able to go as I am. The men remain here in barracks sometimes several weeks before they go to their regiments. I think there is no doubt but I shall remain here till the next pay-day, which will be the first of next month....

The Dr. has put me in charge of a squad of men to go to the lake and bathe. It is specially hot here... Less than half the men here got pay last pay-day, because their papers were not right....

Some think there is a chance of the rebellion coming to a close before winter. I hope such may be the case, as I dread another dreary winter in the service. If we have to stay here I think we shall suffer with the cold, as the buildings are very open. But you know that I am one of those that as a general thing do not borrow trouble...

It would be the greatest of all pleasures for me to come and see you all. Please write as soon as usual, as you know I am aleways happy to hear from you. Give my love to all.

I am, truly, Dear Family, Your Father and Husband,

Charles N. Mumford

P. S. I shall use all my influence to remain in the state according to your wishes, but I feat it won't amount to much. CNM.