The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 06/22/1863.
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Madison, June 22nd, 1863

Dear Wife and Children:

Having time and opportunity to write you a few lines I will do so as I know you would like to hear from me. I arrived at Madison before noon, found Capt. Stevens there. He leaves for Fort Scott today. I was taken with the Ague at about 2 o'clock P.M. on the day of my arrival. I had a hard shake yesterday and today I am taking medicine to break it. I was ordered to report to the doctor at the Post Hospital by Major Sitgreaves and did so. I am now in hospital. How long I shall remain here I do not know. The doctor would not let me go to my command if I wished to do so. If it was not for removing further from all that are dear to me in life I should rather go to Leavenworth than remain here. The further you remove from the seat of war the more style the military puts on. A sick man here has to have three passes to get out of this camp. In all other places I have been, only one pass is required. From appearances I think the men are treated well. The board as yet is not as good as at Leavenworth. There are only two companies of soldiers here and about 100 sick in the hospital. Four companies have gone to St. Joseph, Mo., and two companies to Milwaukee to help enforce the draft.

The news from Vicksburg is good but not so in other places. The Rebels have got into Maryland again and fears are entertained that they will capture Baltimore city. They have retaken Harper's Ferry, Virginia. They have also made a great raid into Pennsylvania, captured the city of Carlisle and several other towns, taking all the goods and medicines from the stores. They have taken large numbers of horses and cattle from Pennsylvania. Lee, the Rebels' General, is now encamped on the old battlefield of Bull Run. It is thought he will make an immediate attack on Hooker.

I shall not get paid till the first of next month. I have not been able to present my board account yet.

Write as soon as convenient. Direct to Post Hospital, Camp Randall, Madison, Wisconsin.

I am glad that Frank got Rover. He would have come with me if Frankie had not called him, as he was behind a seat between me and the door of the car. I should have sent him back to Frank if he had come with me. I think I shall not have Ague today. I have written in a hurry as the mail has to be sent to town soon.

My love to all and remember me as your own

Affectionate Husband,

Chas. N. Mumford