The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 12/29/1862
No envelope

(This is a part of a letter, the rest of which, with date, is missing. Comparing its contents with other letters, I find it is the latter part of a letter dated 12/29/62. MJM)

... I want you to let me know if any one is talking of buying the place you live on; and I wish you to see that our cattle are all wintered through if you can. I wish the oxen had been sold last fall, as I think from what I have heard that one of them is used up as a work ox. I think the hay and the oxen would be worth more in the fall that the oxen in the spring. Do the best you can and use your own judgement, and I am satisfied, only I wish you to keep all the calves you have, as I intent to get to raising stock.

Please answer about the place, and see to winter your your own stock as much as you can. I received a letter from Manley last Tuesday in which he states he has hired Henry to keep his stock. I think it is a good deal to take care of the stock of three different persons; therefore I caution you to see to your own as much as you can. I answered Manley's letter the day before I got yours, and sent it to Prairie du Chien. Of course he will not get it. His letter went to Arkansaw before I got it.

I need not add that it would be the greatest of all pleasures to see you all.

I am truly Your affectionate Husband

C. N. Mumford.