The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 12/6/1862.
Env. address Mrs. C. N. Mumford, Wauzeka, Crawford Co., Wis.
Postmark Leavenworth, Kansas

Fort Leavenworth, Dec 6th/'62

Dear Wife:

I thought I would write to let you know where I am. My lameness yet continues the same without any alteration for the better. My feet and legs are swollen very bad and the doctors do them no good. I left Fort Scott on the 29th of Nov. in company with 103 sick. We could not be taken care of at Fort Scott, there was so many there, and I assure you we are poorly cared for here. We are living in tents which are very cold for sick men. I was at Fort Scott 22 days. I thought to hear from you but have not receive a line since I cam from Arkansas. The date of the last letter I had from you was in September. I do not know the cause. I hope you have not forgotten me. I have written to you many times. If you have answered my letters they must have been in one of the post offices at Fort Scott. There are at this time four post offices there and are badly managed. You must now direct your letters to the General Hospital, Leavenworth City, Kansas. Do not put on any regiment or company but direct plainly Chas. N. Mumford General Hospital, Leavenworth City, Kansas. I shall get your letters if I am not ordered away before they can come. Ma I must tell you I am almost discouraged. I am sick otherwise besides my lameness in the limbs. I got hurt by a strain which terminated in inflamation of the bladder. I have to get up as many as 7 or 8 times a night. I think I am getting better of that but it keeps me down all the time, as I have to get up cold or hot. The sick are very poorly taken care of, there are so many sick. I would get out of the service if I could, if I never got a cent of bounty and come home to Wis. but I do not know whether I could get a discharge or not if I should try. Write soon as you get this as it is doubtful whether I hear from you till I get an answer to this. Kiss the children for me and tell them their father thinks of them hourly. And now may the righteous God bless and protect you all is the prayer of your husband,

Chas. N. Mumford