The Portland Mumfords - Charles Norhood Mumford Source A II - Letters - 11/15/1862. No envelope.

Gen. Hospital, Fort Scott, Nov. 15th, 1862

Dear wife and children:

I have been in the hospital 8 days today. I think I am better. I wrote you a few lines a short time since. I don't remember what I wrote only that I had been sick 6 weeks. This I find by looking at date. I was mistaken in I was taken sick about the 11 or 12 of Oct. but not taken down entirely till about 23 or 24 Oct. I have had a diaharea (I can't spell it) all the time since I was taken sick. It seems very hard to cure. Whether I shall ever return to you I know not but I know in who I put my trust. It would be a great comfort to me to be with you and the children, yet I will try and be reconciled to the will of God who does all things well. I pray God this may find you all well. I have had all the bad luck I can think of since I was sick. I have been robbed of everything of value, together with $12 and a pistol worth $30 furnished by the government. I sent you $15 and intended to send you $5 or $10 more but we were called to leave all on a sudden and I had no chance after, and now I have none to send. Tell me how you get along this winter and if you get your State money and if the children have clothes comfortable. May the great God bless you all with my prayers.

Chas. N. Mumford

P.S. Direct your letters to the General hospital, Fort Scott, Kans.